Why Travel To Thailand? - Here Are Five Great Reasons

Travel to Thailand

In Thailand right now it is:

Why travel to Thailand? This beautiful country in South East Asia is known as 'The Golden Land' due to its rich and diverse culture and the warm welcome you get from the Thai people.

In case you were unsure as to why you should visit this charming land - here are just a few reasons why traveling to Thailand is something not to miss out on!

1. You Won't Break The Bank

Whenever we plan a vacation, unless we earn the wage packet of a celebrity or football hero - money and spending will undoubtedly be part of the provisions.

You don't have to worry when you travel to Thailand - once the flight is paid for the rest will be surprisingly cheap compared to living expenses back home.

Even the tightest of budgets could allow you to stay in sumptuous surroundings within the capital of Bangkok - a night costing between $50 - $90. A great meal - between $5 - $10. Phew!

2. Irresistible Food Culture

Travel to Thailand

It is a foodie's paradise - food critics the world over always have praise for what is cooking in Thailand.

If you have been to a Thai restaurant, that are found in most major cities around the world, then you will be close to what their cuisine is all about - fresh ingredients, color and an electrifying mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

We say close - because experiencing that in its homeland is (if possible) a hundred times better and more varied.

Even if you are a calorie-counter - Thai food is extremely healthy with an emphasis on vegetables, fresh fruit and lean cuts of meat. They do fast food too - but we don't mean McDonalds.

You can really explore their culinary delights by meandering through night markets and watching them whip up snacks and light bites in no time at all.

3. Beaches Galore

Anyone who just wants to throw away their watch and spend lazy days soaking up some rays - travel to Thailand won't disappoint.

Travel to Thailand

You are never too far from an enticing strand of white sand and topaz waters.

You could take a boat trip around the islands until you find a secluded spot - they are there waiting for you.

Chances are, your chosen cove will have a solitary Thai who will offer to crack open a coconut for you - straw included. This is really what dreams are made of.

4. Be Pampered Time And Time Again

Massages of every variety - even the ones where petite Thai ladies walk along your back - are everywhere you look. We spoke about cost before so it may or may not surprise you to know a massage in Thailand will set you back a mere $5 for an hour session. You could have one every day of the week.

Or, when you get sick of massages, (yeah right!) there are other pampering splendors such as tropical face treatment or a crushed coconut and orange body polish - sounds good enough to eat!

5. The Most Polite and Welcoming Hosts

Thailand Welcome

If all of this wasn't enough to make you start packing - you should know that Thai's always carry a smile and are probably the most gracious hosts of any destination on Earth. No request will seem a chore to them - they are just pleased and proud to be a part of your vacation.

How do I know? I'm an American living in Thailand and experiencing first hand the great things about this beautiful Kingdom.

This web site aims to share our experiences and knowledge of Thailand with you so you can make the most of your stay here.

Even if you don't come to Thailand, our website will make you feel as though you have.

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