Sky Diving In Thailand - Why Thailand?

Sky diving in Thailand

Why go sky diving in Thailand? If you are addicted to sky diving as a novice sky diver or even an expert then you surely need to practice or polish your skills in Thailand.

The climate of Thailand along with its tourist appeal offer the right combination of enjoying a wonderful vacation even while feeling the wind rushing beneath your chute as you sky dive happily towards your drop zone.

Sky Diving In Thailand - Facilities And Costs

Thailand has excellent facilities for sky diving and the weather too remains sunny throughout the year. Depending on your current skills, you can go in for accelerated free fall dives or tandem sky dives with "Ram Air" square-shaped parachutes that offer a high level of control and increased amount of fun maneuvers.

Pattaya is one such place among others in Thailand that offers you a chance for sky diving and many sky diving schools have set up shop here. If you are a nervous novice or a first-timer then a tandem sky dive will enable an experienced instructor to dive along with you and land with you in a single parachute.

The costs involved in sky diving too are very reasonable as compared to rates in the USA or any developed country. A tandem sky dive jump with an expert instructor should cost you roughly around $300, which is extremely reasonable.

Many sky diving schools can also arrange for hotels around your drop zone so that you do not end up getting lost in a new country instead of lazily floating down from 13000 feet. You can also turn into a licensed skydiver yourself by enrolling yourself in their professional courses.

In addition to skydiving you can also visit the rest of Thailand and absorb breathtaking views of jungles, mountains and of course their famous beaches. If you feel the need to shop then you can also visit Bangkok and splurge your urge away.

Sky Diving In Thailand - Booking A Trip

You can book your entire stay along with your skydiving adventure in a single package on the Internet too. You should make sure that the skydiving school has experienced instructors and has the right equipment to ensure that your adventure remains safe and fun at the same time.

Sky diving in Thailand

You can also visit Thailand in a group if you and your friends plan to skydive together. This will make for some exciting footage when you record your jump through a video or still camera.

If you plan to do any of the skydiving courses then you would need 7 to 10 days to finish that course. You can enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya even as you train during the day.

You can also enjoy various other activities during your stay in Thailand. You can enjoy golfing, fishing, go-carting, paragliding, surfing, or simply build sand castles on the beach with your friends or family.

Thailand has various cuisines, including Thai cuisine that will please your taste buds, as well as a wide range of exotic fruits to keep you healthy.

You can also visit various temples and ruins or visit some of the latest malls and discotheques, as Thailand has managed to blend the old and the new in a wonderful manner.

So, instead of waiting for the severe cold, rainy or snowy weather to clear up in your city or paying large amounts of money for skydiving, simply travel to Thailand to experience much more than the wind in your ears and the flapping of your parachute above your head.

Sky diving in Thailand is much more than stepping off a plane, and you are sure to come back with warm memories that will beckon you again and again.

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